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Do you like to write? If so, please consider joining the RFTG writing team as a contributor. We welcome the consideration of future contributors so long as they meet our submission guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines

Orthodox: RFTG is a Christian resource ministry that stands firm on the orthodox beliefs of Christianity. Although much of the material on the website is generally in the reformed tradition, we welcome voices from any orthodox Christian denomination, so long as the contributor affirms the Apostle’s Creed.

Concise: RFTG has as a target audience “the average Christian in the pew”. We know that people are busy and may not have time to read an article that is long and highly technical. For this reason we like to keep our material as concise as possible. Articles should be an average of 1000-1500 words. Depending on the subject, an article may reach 2000 words. Submissions beyond that point may be rejected or edited.

Volunteer: RFTG is operated solely on a volunteer basis. No one affiliated with the ministry is compensated for any submissions. Our desire is to provide free content to our readers to equip and edify. For this reason we depend on volunteers.

Book Recommendations: One way we encourage and equip followers of Jesus is through book recommendations. All book recommendations must be biblically-focused or the contributor must be able to draw biblically-focused themes from the book for the edification of and application for the reader. All book recommendations must have prior approval from the editor and include the following: (1) Brief introduction of the material, (2) Brief summary of the material, (3) critique (positive or negative) of the material, and (4) recommendation or non-recommendation of the material.

RFTG does not provide any copies of books for recommendation posts. A contributor must be able to supply their own copies of books for recommendation. You are welcome to check out the Crossway Review Program, The Good Book Company Reviewer Program, and NetGalley. These programs provide free books and ebooks to their participants. If you use one of these programs, please list the RFTG website as your publication platform.

Study Series: Another way RFTG encourages and equips followers of Jesus is through our study series posts. These are designed to be devotional in nature. A brief explanation of the text is required along with a relevant application for the modern Christian life. All study series posts are reviewed carefully to ensure theological consistency.

Promote: RFTG promotes all book recommendations and articles via social media. We are on both Instagram and Twitter. We encourage all contributors to promote their posts as well as any material from RFTG to help spread the word about our ministry. You can promote by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing Instagram posts on your page and story. If you decide to create your own social media post about your article, please be sure to tag RFTG and use #readingfortheglory

Intellectual Property: RFTG honors the intellectual property rights of each of our contributors. RFTG does not own the submissions of our contributors, nor is material submitted for publication exclusive to RFTG. For this reason, you are welcome to publish the material you submit to RFTG on your personal website or blog. We do ask that you make a note that material was first published on RFTG, especially for material submitted for a study series.


If you would like more information about being a contributor or have questions not addressed above please complete the contact us page to start the process. **Please note that submissions are chosen at the sole discretion of the editor. All submissions are subject to review by the editor and may be edited. Submission of material for consideration does not guarantee that the article or post will be selected for publication.