Heaven is a place that we know exists, but its not a place we spend much time thinking about. As a general rule the only significant time we think about heaven is at funerals or when we hear of someone dying. Most of us continue through life focused on the daily grind. We get so caught up on the here and now that we do not take the time to focus on where we will spend eternity. Many of us think that since we are saved that we do not have to think about heaven until we get closer to death.

My perspective changed when I read Eternity Changes Everything by Stephen Witmer. In the book Witmer challenges the reader to live their life in light of eternity. He biblically describes the world’s current condition and why we need to be focused on eternity. This world can be beautiful and enjoyable, however, it is also broken by sin and is filled with suffering and pain. It is for this reason that as a believer we must remember that the Lord will make all things new. One day the Lord will make a new heaven and a new earth that will not be filled with sin, suffering, and pain. The hope we have in Christ and spending eternity with him in the new earth should give us the courage to endure a little longer on this earth.

Sometimes as believers we can find ourselves in one of two categories in regards to heaven. On one hand we can focus too much on this life and forget that eternity is coming. Then on the other hand we can focus too much on eternity and forget that the Lord has placed us here on earth for his mission. It is for this reason that Witmer encourages believers to live with a holy restlessness that looks forward to eternity, but lives their present life in preparation for eternity. Living in light of eternity changes everything.

If you are a believer who longs for eternity, then this book will encourage you to endure. If you are a believer who does not think much about eternity, then this book will encourage you to see you are here to prepare for eternity.

(I received this through the Cross Focused Review program in exchange for an honest review of the work.)

2 responses to “Review of “Eternity Changes Everything””

  1. Ronda Avatar

    I will have to read that…at some point. I am trying to keep up with all my other books I am trying to read.

  2. Zach Kendrick Avatar
    Zach Kendrick

    Ronda…its a short 100 page book and easy to read. The longest chapter is 10 pages long. It took me a week, but that was with school reading as well. If you read two chapters a day you could easily finish it in a week.

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