book-compIf you haven’t noticed, we live in a culture that is deeply divided over major issues such as: race, sexuality, immigration, religious liberty, abortion, and poverty just to name a few. Even the two major political parties draw battle lines based on how they view each of these issues. In the midst of politics and the endless noise of media coverage it is easy to plug our ears and hope the issues simply resolve themselves. However, the Bible speaks to these issues and through it God calls all believers to speak to the culture. This is what bestselling author David Platt discusses in his new book Counter Culture published by Tyndale House.

Platt is known for making waves in culture with his New York Times Bestselling books: Radical and Follow Me. His new book Counter Culture follows in the footsteps of his previous books. As a former pastor and current president of the International Mission Board, Platt holds a unique position to write a gospel centered book on biblical ethics. In the book he speaks to such issues as how to handle poverty, end sex-trafficking, deal with racism, stand for religious liberty, stop abortion, and relate to homosexuals all in a Jesus-focused, discipleship-driven, gospel centered way. Each chapter follows the storyline of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation. At the end of each chapter Platt challenges the reader to pray about the issues, participate in changing the issues, and proclaiming God’s Word about the issues.

Counter Culture is the “how to” application of his previous books Radical and Follow Me. As a disciple of Jesus we cannot stay silent about cultural issues. “Gospel possession requires gospel proclamation,” he says in the book. But sadly, the church in America has settled for status quo and is comfortable sitting idle in a culture that desperate needs to hear the truth. Counter Culture is a call to all believers to get off the bench and get into the game of living and speaking the gospel into a culture that desperately needs it! This book is a must read for all believers who desire to make a dent in our culture for the sake of the gospel! You cannot read this book and stay the same!

Personal Note: This book has challenged me to pray about ways that I can speak to these issues in my own life and point people to the gospel.
I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers as a member of the Tyndale Bloggers Network program in exchange for an honest review of the book. 


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