Book Review: Unfolding Grace Devotional Bible and Study Guide

For many, the Bible is a collection of religious writings that are loosely connected. Many people are also confused by the the Bible and see it as a book of moral teachings, but are at a loss as to how it applies to their lives. It is easy to see how people come to this view of the Bible, but it is not an accurate understanding of the biblical narrative. While the Bible is a collection of sixty-six sacred writings, they are not loosely connected. In fact, each book in the Bible plays a significant role in the unfolding story of redemption. The Bible weaves the stories of many people throughout its pages to tell one grand story. When read this way, the Bible comes alive and has profound meaning both individually and corporately. This is the purpose of the new devotional Bible and accompanying study guide published by Crossway, Unfolding Grace: 40 Guided Readings through the Bible (September 2020).

Unfolding Grace is a forty day devotional Bible that comprises selected readings which tell the grand narrative of God’s story of redemption. Broken into seven parts, the readings walk the reader through the biblical storyline from creation to new creation. The chapter and verse markers are removed from the text, which aides the reader in a continuous reading of the selected portions of scripture. This gives devotional the feel of reading a novel. Each selected reading features a brief introduction written by Drew Hunter that guide the reader through the readings and helps fill in the gaps of the biblical material not included in the devotional. Each section also includes a beautiful illustration by Peter Voth.

The book is well put together and beautifully guides the reader through the biblical narrative, unfolding the storyline that ultimately culminates in the person and work of Jesus. Unfolding Grace also has an accompanying study guide (sold separately) also written by Drew Hunter. The study guide provides a brief introduction for each section and guides the reader through a series of questions based on the 40 selected readings.

I would highly recommend Unfolding Grace and the accompanying study guide. They do an excellent job of stirring the reader towards further study of the biblical story of redemption. Both resources lend themselves to personal and group study. Yet, it is always best to study the Word of God with other believers in an effort to stir one another. This would be a great resource for Sunday School classes and small groups. The reader will come away with a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the biblical narrative. Ultimately the reader will see how each verse in the Bible points to the person and work of Jesus.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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