Men play a vital role in the spiritual development and growth of their families. However, many times men are not equipped to achieve this goal and do not know how to do this well. There is a dire need in the church for men to be better equipped as the spiritual leader in the home. In his new devotional book for men Brave and Bold: 31 Devotions to Strengthen Men (NewGrowth Press, 2021), pastor and author Marty Machowski seeks to help men become better spiritual leaders.

As stated in the subtitle, the book is broken into thirty-one devotions on differing topics pertaining to manhood and spiritual leadership. These subjects include: worship, prayer, discipline, fidelity, courage, and service just to name a few. Each topic begins with a corresponding scripture passage and then a story to illustrate the topic being discussed. At the end, there is a Scripture passage for meditation and then a challenge in order to put into practice the topic being discussed. All thirty-one devotions follow this structure, and can be read within ten to fifteen minutes. This lends itself to the busy daily lives of most men who are juggling the responsibilities of family, church, and work.

My main critique of the book is that I would not classify it as a devotional. I tend to classify devotionals as a resource that provides material to be read individually to aid spiritual growth. Although this book is arranged and marketed that way, I think it lends itself more to group study of at least two to three men. The reader would benefit more from reading the book in that setting so as to provide accountability to put into practice the material discussed in the book. Yet, I would still recommend Brave and Bold as a resource for men who are seeking to grow in their faith.

Editor’s Note: This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review of the book.

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