Scripture commands families to teach children about the Lord and what He has done. One of the main ways to teach children about the Lord is teach them to love and cherish the scriptures. The Lord has revealed Himself through the scriptures and believers commune with Him by reading, memorizing, and studying the Bible. For this reason it is important to teach the Bible to children starting at a young age. Once children are old enough to read the Bible for themselves, it is vital to their spiritual growth for them to have a copy of God’s Word. Crossway publishers is one of the leading Bible publishing companies that has produced many excellent resources for children and youth. One such option is the ESV Holy Bible for Kids, Compact (2021).

The ESV Holy Bible for Kids provides the full text of the ESV 2011 edition and includes features such as 24 illustrations throughout depicting famous Bible stories, along with maps at the back perfect for young readers. My main critique of this resource would be the illustrations. The depictions harken back to Sunday School resources from the mid twentieth century and come across as somewhat homogeneous. This however, would not be a dealbreaker in recommending this resource. Yet, the illustrations could have been updated to appeal to a younger generation.

This resource is very compact and totable, perfect for use at home, church, or anywhere. I would recommend the ESV Holy Bible for Kids to all families who’s desire is to raise their children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4, ESV). It would also be worthwhile to check out all of the children and youth resources that Crossway has to offer. You can check out the article on their website A Guide to ESV Children & Youth Bibles for more information.

Editor’s Note: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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