“The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task” (1 Timothy 3:1, ESV). Yet many times, while noble, the task of being a pastor is often under appreciated. We take for granted the long hours pastors put in to care for the congregation to which they have been called. While there are many aspects of pastoral ministry, the primary role of the pastor is to proclaim God’s word each Lord’s Day. This is often the most difficult aspect of the pastor’s weekly routine. It can be difficult to find sufficient time for preparation, especially for pastors of smaller congregations who shoulder a larger portion of the responsibility. Yet each week, they faithful stand before the congregation and humbly proclaim “thus says the Lord.”

October has rightly been deemed Pastor Appreciation Month. It is a time for local churches to honor their pastor(s) and thank the Lord for his labor. To celebrate the occasion RFTG has featured two preaching Bibles in our For Pastors section. Below is a brief overview of each.

ESV Preaching Bible

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The ESV Preaching Bible is a beautiful edition of the ESV specifically tailored for use while preaching and teaching. The Bible publishers at Crossway have taken into consideration features that are an asset to those who regularly proclaim God’s word. These features include: single column text format and larger 10 point Lexicon font that make it more comfortable to read the biblical text from the pulpit or lectern. Additionally the margins are extra wide, which allow room for note taking and sermon outlines to be written within the text. Crossway has also included premium features such as high-quality paper and Smyth-sewn binding that allow the Bible to hold up to continued use, therefore allowing it to last longer. The most premium feature of the ESV Preaching Bible is the goatskin leather cover. In fact Crossway only offers this Bible in the goatskin cover. This type of cover is very soft to the touch and is flexible, yet durable. Given its flexibility, this Bible can lay flat with ease and be folded back that allow it to be held in one hand. It also comes in a verse-by-verse edition. The ESV Preaching Bible is most assuredly constructed for preachers.

NKJV Preaching Bible

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The NKJV Preaching Bible is another wonderful Bible made specifically with pastors in mind. Published by Thomas Nelson, the NKJV stands as trusted English translation of the Bible in the tradition of the King James Version. Features of the Bible include: verse-by-verse layout, larger print 11.5 Comfort Print font, and two color typesetting that allow for optimal readability especially while preaching. Additionally the NKJV Preaching Bible comes complete with the Thomas Nelson cross-reference system of over 72,000 verses allowing for more comprehensive study of the biblical text. The Bible also includes some premium features such as high quality paper, three satin ribbon markers, and an ultra-flexible calfskin leather binding. These premium features allow durability for consistent use while preaching and teaching. The NKJV Preaching Bible is a wonderful edition of the Bible for pastors and Bible teachers.

Both the ESV Preaching Bible and the NJKV Preaching Bible are excellent editions for any preacher/teacher of God’s word. Crossway and Thomas Nelson have gone to great lengths to make these Bibles suitable for pastors. The premium features of each show honor and respect to pastors who are called to labor in the biblical text for the sake of their congregation. Either of these Bibles would make an excellent gift for any pastor. This month, and frankly every week, be sure to give your pastor a word of encouragement. He will be very appreciative. We must be grateful to the Lord for those whom he has called to shepherd us in his word.

Editor’s Note: The Bibles featured in this article were received by the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Zach Kendrick is the editor of Reading For The Glory.

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