As we discussed last week, Christmas can be a perfect time to teach children about Jesus. For Christians, the Advent season encompasses the four weeks leading up to Christmas. The purpose of this season is to stir our longing for Jesus as we celebrate his first coming and look forward to his second coming. Church, however, is not the only place that Jesus is talked about during the holidays. References to Jesus, although fading, can be gleaned from culture. Whether it be in movies, carols, decorations, cards, or gifts, talk about Jesus is still very prevalent at Christmastime. Having a few resources to help guide you as you teach your children about Jesus can be helpful.

One such resource by Alison Mitchell titled All About: Christmas (The Good Book Company, 2022) is a book containing over one hundred facts about Christmas. Many of the traditions that we celebrate around the holidays have been handed down for centuries, but many of them are not factual. The book seeks to provide a fun and interesting way to talk about the truth of Christmas with children. Additionally, the book discusses different Christmas traditions from around the world. Many Christmas traditions center around Western culture. Yet Christmas is celebrated differently in various cultures around the world. Knowing this can help children begin to have a global vision for the body of Christ. All About: Christmas is a an excellent resource for elementary aged children.

Another good resource is the new children’s storybook by Steph Williams titled The Christmas Surprise (The Good Book Company, 2022). This book is the latest in the Little Me Big God series from The Good Book Company. The Christmas Surprise is a basic retelling of the Christmas story. The author, however, begins the story at creation and quickly moves through the Old Testament before picking up the story of Jesus’ birth. The book does an excellent job of conveying the biblical narrative in a way that children can understand. The author also does a great job on the illustrations, insuring that they are well done and age appropriate. The Christmas Surprise would be a great book for toddlers and young elementary aged children.

Both of these resources can be helpful in pointing children to the truths of the Christmas story this Advent. All About: Christmas is a fun way to learn facts about the first Christmas, and also how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The Christmas Surprise is a short retelling of the Christmas story. The Good Book Company is to be commended for publishing biblically focused resources for children. Part of the church’s mission is to insure the proper transfer of biblical truths from one generation to the next. This is accomplished through discipleship in the home and in the local church. Good resources such as the ones discussed here are helpful in accomplishing that mission.

Editor’s Note: The resources discussed in this article were received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Zach Kendrick is the editor of Reading For The Glory.

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